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    Novel – My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion – My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

    Chapter 111 – Senior Sister Cried All Night river ruin

    Early in the morning, before dawn.

    But he did not want to be offered things he did not ought to get.

    “Junior Buddy, you provided a documenting Dharma treasure. As payment, they are on your behalf. On the other hand, We have never witnessed Junior Buddy make the mountain / hill during the past thirty years. Consequently, I’ve patiently waited so far to give those to you. ”

    Xiao Yu got out a documenting bead and also a e-book and presented these phones Jiang Lan with reddened view.

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    Obviously, he also wanted to obtain immortality.

    It was subsequently unusually tranquil.

    Regarding Ao Longyu’s own personal wants, they had been absolutely nothing from the experience of them two excellent power.

    Just after making the plant cooking pot on the courtyard, Jiang Lan fought with himself in the vanity mirror community.

    On the other hand, not a long time after he converted close to, he discovered the young girl possessed are available into the front door, position right contrary him.

    Even so, there is no reason to imagine too much concerning this.

    He viewed them lightly. The bead was a vacant taking Dharma value, as well as the publication was obviously a farming process identified as Thousand Thunder Sutra. There was one more spell inside it called Heavenly Thunder Descent.

    After declining, he still left the Ninth Summit and going to the older inn.

    Each of these stood quietly within the front door, awaiting the entrance to spread out.

    Naturally, no person dared to press her too difficult.

    “You males are very tacit.” The innkeeper explained casually.

    When Jiang Lan reached the inn, he discovered that the doorway was still shut down.

    Jiang Lan endured up and moved the vegetative egg and Udumbara Flower out of the Netherworld Cave.

    The Jade Pool’s fact of the residing points could offer her with adequate solutions. In addition to her Dragon Race’s natural talent, it wasn’t excessive on her behalf to arrive at the adult years in four to five hundred years.

    He possessed analyzed her carefully as he wanted to be vigilant as well as to make sure his very own protection.

    “I really need to ascend to start to be an immortal.”

    While the Udumbara Bloom checked dispirited, it got not passed away following a great number of decades. Probably the Udumbara Flower is in truth delighted.

    Xiao Yu failed to know how to handle it.

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    “Sorry for unsettling you, Elderly.”

    He did not have the habit of smoking of becoming latter. Formerly, he failed to be aware that once to satisfy.

    But Ao Longyu…

    Moreover, he possessed to address Feng Ji. That has been why he was slightly latter.

    “I can’t feel the innkeeper hasn’t started the doorway.”

    Jiang Lan had the bead along with the book.

    “The worth of the wines are at the counter-top. Take a peek for yourselves. There is absolutely no conventional cost for any herbal tea and peanuts. All depends on regardless of if the client is willing to pay off.” The innkeeper walked out of your inn with the basket on his back and mentioned.

    And then, they went within the inn. Even so, the inn was obviously a tiny messy right now. There have been quite a few red wine bottles and peanuts on a lawn. It seemed like somebody has been sipping in this article for the whole nights.