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    If you’re looking for a great place to donate clothes to, look no further than your own neighborhood. Every year, thousands of pounds of used and second-hand clothing goes unclaimed. Donating your unwanted clothes will help these organizations to continue their vital work. If you’re looking for a place to start, read on. You’ll find some great places to donate clothes to.

    Goodwill: Goodwill accepts new and gently used clothes in most stores across the United States. They accept donations of men’s and women’s clothing, children’s toys, and many other household items. Their database allows you to search for different types of families, including those with children who are still in school or those that are retired. You can also search for specific locations, including those in your zip code or those near your area.

    American Legion: The American legion also has an emergency materials website where you can find any clothing or household item that meets their stringent requirements. They accept most clothes that are not stained, have not been worn, and are in generally good condition. Most American Legion chapters have their own donation drop-off locations. Your local American legion chapter can give you more information about getting the job training and other needed supplies for a military veteran.

    Various charities: One place to look when you need to know where to donate clothes is the charities that specialize in clothes. There are plenty of places where you can donate clothing, including large clothing drop-offs, consignment shops, and charity garages. Some charity groups will accept gently used items, while others will simply accept brand new items. Look in your local classifieds and social directories for potential charity organizations that might use your donation.

    Toys for kids: The toys for kids category is another popular category. There are many different options for toys for kids, including toys that are designed, used, or both. Look in local classifieds, local newspapers, and the internet for possible charities that may use your donations. Some charities will accept gently used toys, while others may only accept brand new toys. Be sure to check the policies of the charities before you donate clothes and toys.

    Used clothing items: Another popular choice when you need to know where to donate clothes is to donate clothing items to organizations that directly give out free clothes. One such organization is Project Give Forward. Project Give Forward gives away clothing items that are either handmade or thrift store recycled.

    Wholesale outlets: If you have clothes that are in decent condition but are slightly used, you can consider selling them at your local wholesaler. This would be a great way to help pay for a vacation or buy a few new items that you wouldn’t ordinarily purchase, if you were faced with paying full retail for them. Look for a list of wholesalers on the Project Give Forward website. Most of the clothes are gently used clothing from countries such as Morocco, India, Mexico, and Thailand.

    Agency that accept gently used clothing are numerous. Many of these charities choose to partner with other local charities, making it easy for people to donate clothes and receive tax deductions for doing so. When you are looking for a place to donate clothes, think about how you will find your clothes, such as thrift stores, consignment shops, and garage sales. Consider where the clothes will be stored before choosing a place. Some places will take gently used clothing and sell them at a lower price, such as 50% off retail. You can also find a number of online charities that will ship the clothes to any location in the US.