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    “I am an 18-year previous firsttime driver. The car has 133000 miles on it about getting it from the friendCheapest motor insurance businesses for small drivers?

    My check was handed by me a few month ago and my mum wants to set me on her insurance. It’s a 2002 1L Nissan micra how would I get cheaper than like 5000 for insurance although it’s really a minor vehicle that is rubbish? Thanks

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    “I got a notice from geico expressing that I get exclusive specials cause I am phi theta kappa. This is the offer of Geico: Your regular premium is: $43.19 for a 6-month policy. That is just $229.10 for six months. Is that basically much? It’s probably superior because I live-in a big metropolisVehicle insurance plan?

    Vw r32 any idea ?

    I was hit over monthly ago along with the dude who hit me insurance provider still hasn’t repaired or settled me for the crash when they stated they would and ive tried calling them-and they will not call me and Iam not able to operate because I have no automobile and I can’t get a rental cause I’m not 25

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    “From what I’ve noticed it averages around $150 around online to analyze charges and I’ve been looking. $200 at the worst. But my mama informs me I’ve to pay $440 bucks? Like wtf. Also four of my palsCould my insurance carrier deny my state…?

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