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    Novel – Unrivaled Medicine God – Unrivaled Medicine God

    Chapter 2173 – Your Realm is Unimaginable! cluttered pleasure

    All the heavenly emperors’ confronts were brimming with a crazed seem.

    Inside the vision, the globe was completely nevertheless!

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    With the rest of the world, most of the divine emperors’ opinions were actually seemingly frosty by Ye Yuan’s a single ‘immobilize’ word.

    He’s Mine, No Objections Allowed

    Without the tiniest reluctance, Ye Yuan’s punch slammed onto Prolonged Yuan’s face, straight blasting him traveling.

    Assaulting time and again, all of it want to kill him.

    Apart from Morningstar, there naturally would never be other individuals.

    Ye Yuan’s mouth area shifted carefully, the message “immobilize” was spat out of his jaws all over again.

    That had been the space from a firefly along with the shiny moon!

    Just a breathing back, he was continue to sentencing Ye Yuan to passing away, thinking that Ye Yuan was departed certainly.

    “Five Things Divine Discipline Divine Lightning was ruined just like this?”

    The lighting ray specifically coated Lengthy Yuan, delivering him from the Mist Battlefield.

    Without having the smallest doubt, Ye Yuan’s impact slammed onto Extended Yuan’s face, directly blasting him soaring.

    Much like a sort of liquefied that out of the blue achieved with serious freezing, instantly remaining iced.

    Time seemed to flow once again. The fog transferred along with the wind power all over again.

    Time did actually movement yet again. The fog transported in addition to the breeze all over again.

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    As a result, he wanted to eliminate Ye Yuan!

    The light beam specifically included Very long Yuan, taking him out of your Mist Battleground.

    Instantly immediately, a strange ability suddenly appeared, totally binding him.

    … …

    While his Time Freeze out was impressive, looking at a supreme powerhouse like Morningstar, it was actually completely useless.

    Apart from great shock, it was actually extreme astonishment!

    Until recently, this dude nonetheless rejected to come to his feelings, do he really get him to become good-two-sneakers?

    Ye Yuan’s lip area transported frivolously, the expression “immobilize” was spat from his oral cavity yet again.


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    After the inhalation down the road, Ye Yuan applied the art of Time Freeze and slapped his encounter.

    “That’s not possible! Time Lock, this is amongst the dragon race’s strongest innate divine abilities, capable of turning it into completely continue to in just a particular collection! He … He just broke right through to Empyrean Realm and didn’t even awaken the Divine Dragon Level. But then he comprehended this mighty divine skill?” Very long Tianyu shouted shrilly.

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    Time seemed to flow again. The fog transferred combined with the blowing wind again.

    Only a air earlier, he was still sentencing Ye Yuan to passing away, convinced that Ye Yuan was deceased undeniably.

    Whether or not this ended up many others, they would probably happen to be destroyed by Long Yuan not a clue how many times previously.

    Then, he was wrecked.

    Devoid of the slightest reluctance, Ye Yuan’s impact slammed onto Very long Yuan’s confront, directly blasting him traveling.

    However right now, considering that Longer Yuan was approximately to die, he created a go on to help save him.

    Although his Time Lock up was outstanding, when in front of a superior powerhouse like Morningstar, it was actually completely unproductive.

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    The resplendent super snakes, 5 various-coloured lightning, grooving fog, which include Long Yuan, everything and all the things, was frosty!