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    Novel – Unrivaled Medicine God – Unrivaled Medicine God

    Chapter 2366 – Ancestor Lightning’s Promise! cushion wide

    The million unforeseen kids watched until they stared dumbfoundedly with regards to their mouths agape.

    Helen of Troy

    Naturally, whilst big surprise was shock, also, he guarded against Ancestor Super.

    Ye Yuan just claimed coolly, “These 17 persons needed to remove me. Pang Zhen and Yu Tanzhe have been the instigators. Since the grudges happen to be established, why would I let them find the inheritance? However Senior citizen could have a paramount reputation, you desire this Ye to supply together with all chat but no assurances. Sorry, I can’t take action!”

    Couldn’t you just let Pang Zhen drop a bit more wonderfully?

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    In fact, Pang Zhen was actually a leader who had a way to contend for those supreme inheritance.

    In order to restore Mu Lingxue, just forget about bad Ancestor Super, even when it turned out poking a hole inside the atmosphere, he would go and do it very.

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    Now, Ye Yuan possessed clearly already obtained the position of the superior inheritance. He would never make it possible for Ancestor Lightning to kick the principles.

    This thing was really a product or service above guidelines worthwhile until it made people’s head of hair stand on ending!

    These were this Heavenspan World’s apex existences.

    This man was actually too outstanding!

    Getting a second put or perhaps a thirdly place was excellent too!

    This pal was value helping to make!

    Just one was required to know, even he had to show Dao Forefathers some facial area!

    “This Ye Yuan is certainly impressive, to truly compel Ancestor Lightning to personally talk up! He could choose not to ever give encounter to Perfect Emperor Myriad Character, but a Dao Ancestor’s facial area, he shouldn’t dare to not ever give, perfect?”

    Instantly, he was stuffed with lofty sentiments and laughed loudly while he claimed, “Okay, then let’s determine the victor! This period, don’t hold back ever again!”

    Ancestor Lightning speaking up, Ye Yuan also declined into silence.


    If he dared to have a relocate, he might be acquiring actions.

    Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Without combating, who is familiar with? Sibling Wan is easily the most qualified person who this Ye has experienced!”

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    To be able to restore Mu Lingxue, overlook bad Ancestor Super, even though it was actually poking a hole in the atmosphere, he would go and undertake it as well.


    Their ideas were definitely the imperial decree. It depicted Heavenly Dao.

    He abruptly discovered that Ye Yuan was someone that was extremely principled.

    When he mentioned, he truly urged the sword formation once more, planning on killing Pang Zhen.

    A minimum of, involving these million unpredictable small children, no-one could do this apart from Ye Yuan.

    Which had been a Dao Ancestor! He actually failed to give any experience in any way!

    An individual were forced to know, even he simply had to display Dao Forefathers some deal with!

    Immediately after Ye Yuan concluded seeing and hearing the Heavenly Dao Oath, also, he at last set up his brain at ease.

    The population of your Heavenspan World was trillions upon trillions, but there was only nine individuals who could actually achieve this kingdom.

    Just after Ye Yuan completed hearing the Perfect Dao Oath, also, he ultimately arranged his thoughts comfortable.